Training events

Training and Masterclasses to experience the art of dog sledding with love and respect

Welcome to The Husky Experience, where the passion for dog sledding merges with the love of nature and training.

Join us to live an unparalleled training experience, where the passion for dog sledding is intertwined with awareness and respect, creating an indelible bond with our magnificent four-legged friends. Enter the fascinating world of dog sledding with The Husky Experience and discover an authentic connection with nature and with yourself.

During the year, our center in Sestriere offers various training activities and visits to the kennel, open to groups and schools, to bring more and more people closer to this extraordinary discipline . Dog sledding, in addition to being an engaging sport, is also a metaphor for life itself, where the collaboration of each individual is essential to achieve common goals and make everyone feel good.

The Masterclasses dedicated to Siberian Husky owners are an unmissable opportunity to involve your pet in a training weekend, where you can discover the art of dog sledding and create a special bond with your faithful four-legged friend.

The Husky Experience stands out for its unique approach: it's not just about teaching dog sledding, but about sharing a deep respect for nature and living beings that the. We are convinced that, in addition to learning to drive a sled pulled by a Siberian Husky, it is essential to develop a deep awareness of our role in the world and our responsibility towards our environment.

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