Romantic experiences

Unique dog sledding experiences to strengthen emotional relationships

Come and find out how sport and adventure on the snow can become the perfect glue for your emotional relationships. In the heart of the incredible scenery of the Italian Alps, our Sleddog centers offer unforgettable experiences to strengthen ties with those you love.

The bond shared through a sports experience is the key to building deep bonds. Trust, support and the effort faced together on the sled pulled by huskies become the fundamental pillars of any relationship. Living the thrill of dog sledding with our magnificent Siberian Huskies will be an incredible experience, able to amaze and leave an indelible mark in everyone's hearts.

We are here to create a tailor-made experience for you, shaped according to your tastes and desires. In addition to organizing the extraordinary adventure of dog sledding, we will also be happy to suggest unique activities that you may have never thought of.
Let the magic of the snow and the strength of our charming huskies create a special bond between you and your loved ones. Contact us now to create an experience that will be a treasure to cherish forever.

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