Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected all the questions we are asked most frequently about our activities and how to participate.
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Do i have to drive the sled?

Yes, everyone drives his or her own sled, having followed a course that lasts about 15 minutes. the excursion is always guided by an experienced instructor who will take the lead on his own sled.

Can my child come with me on my sled?

The little ones will be passengers exclusively on the instructor's sled. Parents / relatives / friends are not allowed to carry children or adults in their sled

What happens if it snows?

Excursions can normally still go ahead, even in adverse weather conditions. siberian huskies love the cold and snow, and have been specially designed by mother nature to run in front of the sled, even when the weather is against them.

Is it difficult to drive a sled?

Driving a sled is not difficult providing you follow the instructions given during the briefing.

Do you need special physical training?

There are no particular physical requirements, as long as you are in good health.

Can i go sled dogging if i have fractured my arm / leg / foot / hand?

No, sled dogging cannot be done by anyone who has been subjected to a recent trauma resulting in a fracture.

Can i go sled dogging in ski boots?

No, ski boots, trainers or footwear that is unsuitable for outdoor activities on the snow must not be worn during sled dogging activities. it is however possible to wear snowboard boots.

Can mums-to-be go sled dogging?

No, for safety reasons, it is not possible for pregnant ladies to practise this sport.

Is sled dogging tiring?

The term "musher", the one who drives the sled, derives from the french verb "marcher" - "to walk", and the spirit of sled dogging is about sharing the entire experience with the dogs, and helping them where necessary. therefore, in the parts where the piste goes uphill, you will have to help the dogs by pushing the sled with one foot, and walk next to the sled when the piste goes downhill. during the briefing you will be given specific instructions on this.

From what age can my child go sled dogging?

From the age of 3, children can be transported by our instructors. from about the age of 7, youngsters can drive their own sled.

Can i fall off the sled?

Yes, it is possible to fall off the sled. at the safety briefing we will tell you everything you need to know in the event of a fall.

Do i need to print my reservation tickets?

No, it is not necessary to physically print the tickets.


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