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In order for the excursion to take place in the best possible way, please read the following information:

No particular aptitude is required and there are no age limits. However, since this is a physical sport, as you will be leading the sled dog team that will be assigned to you by the instructors, it is necessary:

  • enjoy good health;
  • not have disabling physical handicaps;
  • do not suffer from serious heart disease;
  • have not suffered recent or less recent traumas (breaks, dislocations, sprains, etc.) from which you have not recovered 100%;
  • in the case of participants suffering from diabetes, it is strictly necessary to inform the center before your arrival in order to better organize your experience.


To be able to make the sleigh ride, you will follow a theoretical lesson of about 15 minutes where the instructors will give all the practical and safety notions to guarantee all participants a pleasant excursion.

The briefing is carried out in Italian, French or English and it is essential that everyone, except the children transported by the instructor, understand and speak at least one of the languages ​​mentioned above, otherwise for obvious safety reasons it will not be possible to carry out the activity and the same will not be refunded.

If, after the theoretical section, you do not feel able to take part in the excursion, it is necessary to inform the instructors strictly before departure, once inserted in the group and assigned a pack of dogs it is no longer possible to abandon the excursion .

There is no refund if you cancel the excursion after following the briefing.

The maximum weight limit for the excursion is 100 kg.


We recommend suitable mountain clothing, more specifically we suggest wearing: gloves, sunglasses and winter clothing. It will not be possible to carry out the excursion and it will not be refunded if you wear ski boots or footwear deemed unsuitable by the instructors, therefore we recommend suitable footwear for snow sports (after-ski, trekking shoes, mountain boots) .


  • We remind you that you will be carrying out an excursion on a route located in the high mountains and that you will be in close contact with animals, therefore for the purposes of the correct performance of the activity it is essential that you present yourself in a suitable state of mental health, in the specifically not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs: it will be the responsibility of our staff to check for any discrepancies and, in the event of situations deemed unsuitable, to refuse to accompany you on an excursion without the right to any refund, this to guarantee and protect health of our animals;
  • The unquestionable decision of the Management not to admit a participant to the exit due to lack of moral and/or physical requirements that could compromise the correct performance and safety for people and dogs during the experience is not a reason for reimbursement.< /li>
  • Pregnant women will not be able to participate in the excursion;
  • Parents are responsible for reassuring their children who, due to the barking of the dogs during the departure phase, could get frightened and oppose the departure. In case of cancellation for the aforementioned reason by the child or by all the participants belonging to the same booking, no refund will be provided;
  • The data (age, weight, height) entered at the time of booking may be verified by the instructors at any time; if different from those declared at the time of booking, it will be necessary to pay the supplement for the change in price range and/or type of excursion. There is no refund if the activity is renounced, or if it is impossible to change the type of excursion due to the incorrect communication of data such as: weight, age and height;
  • It is strictly forbidden, for safety reasons, the access of any type of animal to the area where briefings and excursions are held.

With exclusive reference to the Sestriere site:

I am also informed that Outdoor Experience SSD a RL is an amateur sports club which is therefore required to register all participants in the experience with the Association or Federation recognized by CONI to which it is affiliated according to the provisions of the Italian Law on SSD and ASD.

Going to practice a sport, I am therefore provided with a NON-competitive sports medical certificate which certifies my good health.

In the event of a request to change the participant's name after the card has been issued, a fee of €10 will be requested for each change requested.


A reservation can be canceled without penalty for any reason within 3 days from the date of the excursion.

Cancellation must be done online.

The following are not refunded in any case:

  1. The bank costs relating to the payment of the service;
  2. (With reference exclusively to the Sestriere office) the cost of €10.00/person for membership cards already issued at the date of cancellation.

From the 3rd day prior to the experience, no refund of any kind is foreseen except for a reservation canceled exclusively for MEDICAL REASONS; In this case, it is necessary to provide a valid copy of a medical / emergency medical / hospital certificate by email to info@thehuskyexperience.com by 12.00 pm on the day of cancellation.

In the event of a booking with more than one participant, only the indisposed participant accompanied by a medical justification will be reimbursed, in this specific case the cancellation must NOT be made online but the change in participants must be communicated exclusively via email to info@thehuskyexperience .com.

In the case of a minor, only 1 accompanying adult and the minor will be reimbursed.

The following are not refunded in any case:

  1. The bank costs relating to the payment of the service;
  2. (With reference exclusively to the Sestriere office) the cost of €10.00/person for membership cards already issued at the date of cancellation.

It is your responsibility to communicate the cancellation according to the procedure indicated above.

Those who do not show up, without notice of any kind (No-Show), will in any case be charged for the entire cost and will not be able to change the date and time of the activity but will have to book it again at the full price.


A reservation can be modified without penalty for any reason within 3 days from the date of the excursion by following the online procedure; From the 3rd day prior to the experience, there is no longer any possibility of modification;

Always within the 3rd day before the excursion it is possible to request the issuance of a voucher for a future booking, the same will have a duration of 1 year from the date of the original booking and it is necessary to request it by email at info@thehuskyexperience.com


In respect of all the participants and considering the technical times for the training and preparation of the crews before the start, delays of more than 15 minutes are not accepted.

In this case, the participants will not be able to take part in the experience and will not be entitled to any type of refund or the possibility of rescheduling it.


The only valid, authorized and expendable gift vouchers are those that can be purchased from our platform. To use the value of the gift voucher it is necessary to make an advance reservation; the cancellation policy for a reservation made using a gift voucher is the same as for any other reservation, and is indicated in the previous section. Any extension of the expiry date of the vouchers must be agreed with the structure (all the ways to contact us are listed on the website) and can only take place if a previous booking has been made before the original expiry date of the voucher, which is indicated on the voucher. himself.


Unaccompanied minors can participate in the excursions starting from 26kg in weight with a minimum height of 1.20m in Sestriere and from 10 years of age with a minimum weight of 30kg and a minimum height of 1.20m in Cervinia (they must drive a sled independently); however, the presence of an adult or older brother on the same excursion as the minor is recommended.

Children weighing up to 25kg in Sestriere and up to 39kg under the age of 10 in Cervinia can participate in the excursions carried in the instructor's sled, by the same instructor; the presence of an adult on the minor's excursion is mandatory and this condition is binding.


Sleddog activity is carried out completely in the open air, with the consequent minimum risk of contagion.

If it will not be possible to participate in the activity for reasons related to COVID-19: contraction of the virus, quarantine, possible contact with positive, change of color of the region of origin or of the central region, other causes attributable to the pandemic situation from Sars -Cov2 there is no refund of any kind but only the issuance of a voucher valid for 1 year from the date of booking the activity.

Even for gift vouchers already issued in the presence of one of the conditions listed above, no refund will be provided but the validity date of the voucher will be updated for the duration of 1 calendar year.


In the event of any legal dispute against Outdoor Experience S.S.D. to R.L. or of Siberiana di Samoila Cramer Georgeta, the Court of Turin is considered exclusively competent.


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