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Have you ever thought about organizing a photo shoot in the snow?
An unusual setting that will help you get breath-taking shots!

The secret is the atmosphere!

Snow is a soft blanket that elegantly covers the landscape as if it were an enchanted carpet; you can leave your footprints and you can play with the bows, as you can imagine finding yourself in a fantastic scenario, in the middle of a fairy tale of which you are the protagonist!

The snow with its whiteness allows the colors to be enhanced to the maximum, giving the possibility to play with all the chromatic aspects of photography. In addition, it gives you a bright, clear background that will allow you to get effective shots whether you are a photographer or a model.

Choosing to take photographs on the snow can be an excellent opportunity for portraiture photography, for fashion photography but also for wedding services (including pre/post).

Creativity will take you beyond imaginable

If you decide to give life to a photographic set at The Husky Experience, you are free to bring everything you need for what you have designed in your mind, and we will give you all the necessary support for the logistics, to choose the best point and all that that can help you with our long experience on the snow!

In case you decide to add something wonderful to your shots, you can also count on our sweet Siberian Huskies! Our stars are creatures that come from Alaska and the other territories of the deep north, they love to keep their primordial energy on and they are also similar to wolves, one of the most iconic creatures in the fantasy world!
You can put them in your project and we, as excellent trainers and friends of these wonderful hairy, we will make sure that you can have the best of them, without worrying about their behavior and focusing only on your art!

If you are a fan of cosplay photography, or if you yourself are a cosplayer, surely you have already figured out which occasion is to come to set up a set with us!!

A forest or a setting with snow is also an effective choice for shooting a commercial or advertising images: if you want to create a campaign for your products or your company but you still have doubts, we can help you to develop your own creative idea and support also for the photographic/video part thanks to our partners, professionals with great experience in the field.

Give an original and refined touch to your advertising, contact us now to organize your set!

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Terms and conditions

Useful informations

In order for the tour to take place in the best possible way, please read the following information:

Being a physical activity, as you are going to lead the team of sled dogs that you will be assigned by the instructors, you must enjoy good health and not have disabling physical handicaps. No particular aptitude is required and there are no age limits. It is not a suitable activity for people with severe heart disease.

We recommend a suitable mountain clothing, more specifically we suggest wearing gloves, sunglasses and winter clothing. You will not be able to make the excursion and you will not be refunded if you are wearing ski boots, so we recommend footwear suitable for snow sports activities (after skiing, hiking shoes, mountain boots).

We remind you that you are hiking on a high altitude trail and you will be in close contact with animals, so for the sake of the proper running of the activity it is essential that you present yourself in a suitable mental state, specifically not under The effect of alcoholic and / or narcotic substances: it will be our staff's care to check for any irregularities and, in situations unfit, refuse to accompany you on excursion without any right to any refund, this to ensure and safeguard the health of our animals.

Pregnant women will not be able to participate in the tour.

Cancellation policy

If a service is cancelled less than three days (72 hours) before the scheduled departure time, 100% of the price must be paid. If a service is cancelled more than three days (72 hours) before the scheduled departure time, the price will be totally refunded except for the following:

1) Tickets and reservations that have already been made for the client will not be refunded

2) Bank charges related to the payment of the service will not be refunded.

It is your responsibility to call the service supplier at the provided phone number or, if they are not available, the office, to inform of your delay. Whenever possible we will do our best to reschedule your meeting time at no extra cost, however it may happen that a reschedule is not possible or that it incurs an additional cost. If a call is not made prior to reservation time, and/or you are not able to be present for your meeting time, the service will be considered a no-show. No-show clients cannot re-schedule the service and must re-book the service at the full price.

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